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How to get perfume from duty free limited edition «travalo»?
Compact perfume «travalo» this is -
  • The durability of up to 12 hours of fragrance on the body, on clothes feels even after washing;
  • Only the original scent, which is stronger than the perfume of this brand, bought in the boutique, since the concentration of natural essential oils is 80%;
  • Stunning range – more than two hundred titles fashionable and popular fragrances to choose from;
  • Unique bottle, about the size of a regular lighter that you can carry with you anytime and anywhere – in a handbag, purse, jacket pocket or shirt;
  • Guaranteed attention thanks to the eye-popping trail of perfume!
Travalo is a refillable travel perfume atomizer spray bottle. Pocket sized, and travels friendly; it's a travel essential for both men and women.
in seconds
Believe me, this has not been in the original perfume!
  • Just 10.5 cm tall, fits in any pocket
  • Aircraft approved
  • Suitable for men or women
  • These exclusive perfumes are made only for sale in Duty Free the largest the largest airports in the world, such as London - Heathrow, Paris - Charles de Gaulle, Milan Malpensa, Barcelona - El Prat airport, Dubai - Abu Dhabi;
Stepanova Anna
middle Manager
I used to use the fragrances from Chanel, but in connection with the closing of the store had to move to something similar. The spirits of the "travalo" fit just fine. Good price for excellent quality.
You can buy other perfumes in the other place, but...
Then You buy just the perfume. What is the usual perfume let me remind you:
  • From a person passing by left a nice long trail of perfume. Wait, why no associates, no I don't feel my perfume?!
  • Why is the jet nebulizer always at least half goes past the neck???
  • Tested... I recently bought this maddening perfume!!! And it's already over: (
  • another half of a bottle of perfume as a cap with a sprayer could be damaged?
  • 100 ml...Why I bought such a large amount, they are already tired, want other, only money wasted...
  • I love that perfume, and scent has always been with me. But what do with such a big bottle???
And this is only a small part of dead for which you, among other things, pay solid money, and the list goes on and on
I want the solution of these problems in one bottle!
Perfume compact for travel
the solution to all problems in 1 bottle!
Unique fragrances from the "travalo" is perfume 15 ml vial made of ergonomic polymer and glass, which are:
Half the size of a ballpoint pen, You can fit a few different bottles in your purse or even in your pocket;
The container is designed so that it protects the perfume from external factors, it maintains the properties, the smell and the resistance of spirits for 4 years;
Through the use of modern technologies have reduced fuel consumption when you use, one bottle lasts up to 12 months!
Have an innovative dispenser that allows you to focus the spray of perfume, not losing a drop of spirits. This saves up to 30% of the volume of the bottle!
Bottled at the patented bottle. Invent in our laboratory. Due to the above properties, to provide their products in this bottle want almost ALL known and popular global manufacturers of perfumes!
Hermetically sealed in a thermo-tape, which allows them be stored and protected from exposure to sunlight, scratches and other damage, and to preserve flavor and properties to print!
Notice the hologram on the bottom of the bottles. Its presence means that the product is original! Beware of imitations!
Alina Nikiforova
business lady
Chanel №5 is classic, but just like in perfumes, and toilet water, perfumed aroma very aggressive. Island forest is the most favorite of the entire line Chanel, soft, elegant, very feminine. In divine spirits, toilet water is more blurred, but more modernized, i.e. if the spirits for me - only evening perfume, perfume appropriate during the day. Russian leather is another favorite. Type of aroma is leather. In spirits the skin is softer, veiled floral accents, water in the toilet on par with skin clearly make their way tobacco flavors.

Chanel Coco. Spices... I Admit only in perfumes, toilet water and perfume finally "degenerated". Chanel 19. Classic chypre. In perfumes I goes in a strong sweetness in the toilet water gives an alcohol note. Eau de Partum for me the most acceptable. I want to note that Chanel is almost the only brand, which has the same fragrance in different concentrations is manifested in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to test all three concentrations.
Say goodbye forever
with your previous perfumes...
Because perfume compact "travalo" will give you freedom from the banal dead:
  • Choose as many favorite flavors from the line of more than 200 brands – small volume allows you to frequently change the perfume and carry it with you always;
  • Modern technologies protect Your perfume from external factors, damage of the nozzle and reduce the flow rate when using up to 30%
  • Extra long-lasting scent will be with You throughout the day, evening and even night!
Get your exclusive right now!
Why perfume "travalo"?
I saw the analogs!
because only the "travalo" at the same time and just now guarantee You
Loudly best price
screaming bargain on exceptional, high quality perfume
we do not offer a pig in a poke
you will come to a professional consultant that will give you a try to choose your perfume and only then you get it. And if You do not like it – you can just refuse to buy
Fair discount system
When buying 3 bottles You get 4 as a gift, You choose bonus bottle
A wide range of
Unceremoniously a wide and growing range of fragrances, right now You have a choice of over 200 fragrances
Exclusive perfumes
Which global brands are poured from new bottle "travalo" can ONLY be purchased in Duty Free the largest airports in the world... Or right here on the website.
Why perfumes "travalo" so popular?
Olga Kulik
Consultant in the shop of perfumes
I work as a consultant in the perfume. Perfume Moschino Glamour is gaining popularity day by day. Probably, and itself will take a jar to sample.
Natasha Anikina
Yesterday husband gave me Cacharel Amor Amor came up great. Not even the most important subtlety of all flavors, and resistance spirits. The perfume can be felt more than 20 hours
Bali Albina
a friend bought me the Barbary Weekend for my birthday. I have to say, I had to get used to them after a "BURBERRY BODY EDP", but believe me, it's worth it.
Petrik Aleksandra
Perfume Dolce Gabbana No. 3 the Empress fully meet my standards of style and quality. How will my first bottle I'll buy another immediately.
Nikolay Fedorchuk
I chose a gift for a friend to give on her birthday. Have tried many scents, but Nina Ricci Apple fantasy liked the most. By the way, the scent lasts more than a day. I checked this personally.
Kharchuk, Oleg
private entrepreneur
have not used perfume, but after gift Armani Acqua di gio, I will be using them more and more. Women pay me no more heed, and so, Armani Aqua di gio earn every penny.
You buy just
checked and what you like!
You call our expert consultant, who brings you a perfume, test it. And only then, if you enjoy any flavor, you get it. But if you don't like it – You can just refuse to buy!

But that's not all...

The bottle of perfume "travalo" passed a set of tests and trials, so it is guaranteed to work since the first use.
Buy steadfast and strong fragrance right now!

Why perfumes "travalo" so popular?
Becoming Irina
CERRUTI I decided to buy a gift to my sister. She loved it, asked where bought. Apparently really likes me.
Perun Tatiana
head of Department
Liked Aqua di Gioia...chose a long time between Roberto and still stopped at the smell...I think it has paid off, but at first, this edgy smell and
Sokol, Julia
it’s so convenient to use duty-free, threw her hand in her purse all the time with you. No wonder the airports they are crazy popular! I will continue to order. It's actually funny.
Mashkevich Anastasia
temporarily unemployed.
Love Givenchy angel Demon La Secret. I recommend, smell like this... temelastine nymphs persistent. For example, put it on a leather jacket two weeks ago, sprayed 4-5 times the smell is still standing! Yes and the smell of tobacco without a trace cleans, 1 minute another plus!
Mykola Babiy
the waiter
Purchased perfume my wife for an anniversary. On the advice of friends took Nina Ricci Love in Paris. Wife is happy so that's good. Perfumes are really pleasant and long lasting. Recommend.
Alexander Necheporuk
Dior Higher just designed for elegant and confident men. In Dior Higher feels luxurious throughout, both in the aroma and in the bottle!!!
Buy stylish and persistent aromas
at a pleasantly surprising price right now.

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